Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Splitting Wood Is Easier With A Wood Splitter

Initially the only way to split wood was with an axe. This was a time consuming and painful process not to mention the risk of injury was very high. Over time man realized the need for a better solution and thus the log splitter was born. Log splitters are mechanical devices that can be used to split hardwood and softwood into smaller pieces so that they can be used as firewood. They make the job so much easier and save a lot of time. Where the work of splitting wood used to be time consuming and tedious it is now quick and easy.

The functioning of a wood splitter is quite simple. It works on a piston rod assemble. There is a piston and a rod that forces the log into a stationery blade which then causes the log to split. The amount of pressure that the device is capable of creating is what determine how big a log you can split in the wood splitter. It also determines the cost of the machine. For residential use a log splitter capable of applying ten to fifteen tonnes of pressure should suffice. A splitter that can apply a pressure of about 25 tonnes would be required for commercial use you also get log splitter that can apply pressures of up to 45 tonnes. Depending on what you plan on using the machine for you can get an appropriate splitter.

There are different types of log splitters available in the market, you can get kinds that are electrically powered and then there are models that are gas powered. You should select the kind that will best suit your needs. With the rising prices of gas it might be a good idea to get an electrically powered machine.
The operation of these devices is quite simple. You have to load the log into place and the push a button and let the machine do the rest. The log splitters also come with trays that prevent the split log from falling off. The risk of injury is very low with these machines but that does not mean that you should get careless. Always wear gloves when using the device to avoid splinters. You should also wear goggles to protect your eyes.

Ensure that you keep your hands far away from the blade and maintain a healthy distance from the machine while it is operating. If you take these simple precautions you should be fine.


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Ayaleth said...

Wood splitter are really one of the nicest creations of humans that really alleviate the burden of splitting woods by using force and axe.
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