Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Use An Air Horn With Care

If you have ever waited at a station for a train then you know what a train horn sounds like. A train horn makes a very loud  noise and is a type of air horn. Air horns are horns that make sound with the help of air being passed through them. A train  will not be able to dodge obstacles or vehicles that come in its way. If there is a car on the tracks then it will need to  get out of the way because the train will not and cannot go anywhere. The air horn on the train is used to inform people that  the train is approaching. It is commonly used when the locomotive is approaching a railway crossing or when it is pulling in  and out of a station.

If you are on the highway and you here an air horn don’t be surprised. You are not being followed by an invisible train the  chances are that there is a large truck behind you. These days air horns are being used extensively on large heavy duty  vehicles like trucks as well. A truck is a not an easily manoeuvrable vehicle. If cannot dodge around the vehicles on the  road. These vehicles also move at high speeds. If there is a vehicle in their way then there is not time to be polite the  truck will need to get the vehicles attention quickly and effectively. Air horns are perfect for this job.

A growing number of people are getting these horns for their private vehicles. Even though the vehicles are not very large  people like to add the air horns to them. You can order train horn kits online and either install the horn yourself or hire  someone to do the job. If you are getting an air horn for your vehicle then you should be careful with its use. Do not use it  to startle people on the road. Some people find this very funny but it is not amusing and can be dangerous as well. Do not  use the horn in no noise zones like around hospitals and schools. You should also avoid using the horn in residential  neighbourhoods as it can cause quite a disturbance.


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